Peggy Fleming

Peggy first picked up a needle when she was a small girl playing beside her mother who was busy sewing clothes, quilts, and other useful things. From the scraps of little Peggy's dresses, her mother would often sew matching clothes for her dolls. Peggy wanted to make fun things like doll clothes and stuffed animals. Of course, there wasn't money to buy patterns and fabric for such things. So, Peggy improvised.

Hoarding all of her mother's scraps, she spent many hours cutting and sewing together tiny squares for quilts for her dolls and bears and enlarging patterns printed on graphs in Woman's Day magazine to make stuffed animals and dolls of her own. To her father's chagrin, she discovered sock dolls and used his work socks to make a pair of dolls for her little sister.

Over the years, she tried different kinds of needles, sewing the dresses for her wedding party, serving as costume chair at the Des Moines Community Playhouse, gathering miles of tutus for a dance studio, making clothes and toys for her children, piecing quilts, designing mohair bears for the collectors market, and, most recently, discovering the ancient art of needle felting.

Peggy enjoyed her years as a full-time bear maker, winning a TOBY award, designing for Effanbee Dolls and Ashton-Drake Galleries, traveling to shows, and making friends among other artists and collectors. But as her children reached college age, it was time to move on.

Today, she is the communications person for a local bank. But when she is not at the office, she can often be found happily creating something with a needle.