About Our Internet Gallery Shows

Peggy and Terri started doing Internet gallery shows together sometime beore 1999. Neither can remember the exact date.  Joel joined them a couple of years later and has done most of the shows.  Linda Dorr has also participated.

They were looking for a place to showcase their work that wouldn't involve the time and expense of traveling to a show for artist or collector.  When they started, having a show on a website was a novel idea among teddy bear artists.  Having a show on a website showcasing more than one artist was even more radical.

"We have very different styles," says Peggy, "so, we don't really compete with one another."

"It's interesting, because collectors often buy from all of us," says Terri. "Maybe because we are close friends, collectors feel our work is complimentary."

Previous shows were linked between the artist's websites, but in 2009, Terri, Peggy, and Joel decided to purchase a separate domain and set up a website just for the Internet gallery shows.  The only problem was - what to name it?  A weekend of brainstorming had almost come to a dead end when name after name they agreed upon was found to be already taken.  At last they began thinking out loud, trying to describe what their work represented...needle arts, fairy tales, sewing, needle felting, vintage, fantasy, needles and thread, once upon a time...Once Upon a Needle!